Advantages of Using a Kerosene Heater

About to travel to a cold region soon? Take one or two kerosene heaters with you to keep you safe and warm!

Here are the benefits of using this type of heater:


Kerosene is similar to any other fuel and oil—it’s quick to ignite. This makes it an excellent travel companion and a useful source of energy, heat, and light, especially during blackouts and in cold areas.

Kerosene heaters don’t need to be plugged in to be used, as they only require fuel. This is the very reason why kerosene heaters are portable and practical to bring in road trips, camping, hiking, and so on. They eliminate the need to look for a power outlet. Everything about it says convenience.

Heat Power

The University of Alaska-Fairbanks says kerosene is a potent fuel source. It can supply 135,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) per gallon of fuel. Compared to propane, which only creates 91,800 BTU for every gallon, that’s a lot more heat. Because of this benefit, you’ll be able to sleep soundly even in a cold room or place. You’ll be kept warm all throughout your rest, and you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night because of your chilly surroundings. Wherever you’ll be staying for the night, a kerosene heater can help you stay comfortable.

Fuel Cost

sengoku kerosene heaterKerosene only costs $2.25 for every gallon, which is $0.75 lower than propane. If you’ll be traveling to somewhere far and will be staying in a cold place for a while, getting a kerosene heater would be much practical for you as it can save more money. Kerosene also costs only $16.65 when we talk about producing one million BTUs. And that’s half as low as what electricity costs when you use propane.

Shelf Life

Moreover, kerosene can last long especially when stored properly. Placing them in a plastic container can make them last for a year, but storing them in metal containers allow them to last for up to 10 years. Speaking of storage, whatever container you’ll be putting them, remember that it should be kept in a dry place. Also, store them only in a container that’s intended for kerosene, and never in gasoline can or a can that once contained gasoline.


sengoku kerosene heater

Kerosene heaters are also safe sources of power. A lot of models nowadays even come with many safety features, ensuring that you and your family would be safe as it operates. However, you should be reminded that regardless of the number of safety features in a kerosene heater, they could still be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle them the right way. To be safe, do the following tips:

  • Read the manual and follow the instructions.
  • Run it in a room with an open door.
  • If you need to operate it with closed doors, then open a window about an inch to let the fresh air dilute the pollutants.
  • Maintain and clean the wick as recommended by your manufacturer.
  • Don’t refuel the kerosene heater inside your house. Do it outdoors.

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