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6 Delicious Belgian Delights

Belgian waffles

Much like enjoying quintessentially British food when in the UK, a trip to Belgium will not be complete without tasting some of its best eats and drinks. Foodie or not, you need to sample as much as you can of the country’s gastronomic delights. And here are a few of the must-try’s you need to have on your list.

1. Belgian chocolates are among the finest in the world. While you can buy some outside of Belgium, nothing beats the experience of exploring the chocolate shops and savoring the wide selection of concoctions that the country’s chocolatiers create.

2. Take your Belgian waffle experience to the next level by getting a taste of its famous variations – the Liège waffles and Brussels waffles. See and savor the delicious differences in textures, flavors, and appearances of the two waffle types. Or you can go for the buttery and crunchy galettes campinoises. Whatever you choose, you can expect a scrumptious treat.

3. Eat Belgian fries and learn more about the lore surrounding its beginnings in the country.

4. Try the Sirop de Liège. As the name suggests, this sweet and sticky treat comes from Liège and is made from fruit juices and other ingredients to produce a jelly-like syrup or spread.

5. Speculoos is a quintessential Belgian culinary delight. The spiced cookies are so flavorful and have become a favorite for many locals and tourists alike. It is so popular and delicious that it has inspired other food products like spreads.

6. Moules-Frites or mussels served with delicious Belgian fries. Mussel dishes are prepared in various ways including with some cooking it using ingredients that include wine or beer.…

Going On A Safari Trip In Belgium


Medieval towns and Renaissance architecture – that’s what Belgium is about.

But do you know what else this nation has in store for you?

A wild safari trip – namely Monde Sauvage in Aywaille.

That being said, here are some tips when going on a safari trip in Belgium:

Pack light.

Safari trips require one to move around frequently. Thus, it’s only right for you to pack light – bringing only what you need such as extra clothes, water bottle, and biscuit snack. In addition, you should pack light using safari duffel bag for more flexibility and more agility – helping you not just to move around freely, but also to prevent yourself from getting tired easily.

Be aware.

Just like any other wildlife centers all over the world, Monde Sauvage also has its fair share of rules. Pay close attention to every detail regarding the safety of the wild animals and the safety of people watching them and interacting with them. This is for you and for other people to avoid getting into serious accidents that might cause impairments for life.

Stay calm.

Even if a lion has targeted its eyes on you, stay calm. Even if a monkey has targeted a stone on you, stay calm. This is not just for you to prevent the wild animals from hurting you, but also for those animals to stay calm themselves.

Have fun.

It’s not every day you get to see majestic lions and other wildlife animals known to man. So, have fun. Cherish every moment, every wonder you see and every wonder you experience. Most of all, have fun learning more about the wildlife – even about how to take part in protecting the wildlife.

Do you know any other tips when going on a safari trip in Belgium? Share them with us below!…