Study to be a Welder in Belgium

Belgian delights don’t only refer to food in Belgium but also to the opportunities found in this humble country. Welding, for instance, is a great career path if you’re in Belgium.

If there are top 5 MIG-TIG combos, then in Belgium, there are top-class training-work combos.


If you don’t know how to weld, you can attend the Belgian Welding Institute (BWI). It’s the leading center for welding technologies. They’re experts at welding, I tell you. The center offers various welding materials for their trainees and has numerous activities for the welder at heart. They even cover a broad range of advice and testing services, applied research projects, and training courses.

They follow the European standards when it comes to welding, which is why those who attended the institute always end up as excellent welders, welding staff, and operators who know how to use various welding equipment.

Weldpro MIG200GDsv

The institute also provides education and training that are recognized internationally, which means you can be a welding coordinator anywhere around the globe.

They can even customize training depending on your requests! BWI organizes courses designed for companies too. They could train you on how to apply learning practically in your own company. Seriously, it’s one ideal welding institute you’ll be pleased to enroll in.

Of course, other welding centers in Belgium are available if you’re looking for a not-so-fancy institute.



After studying and getting your certificate or diploma, you can immediately proceed to be a welder!

What’s great about being a welder in Belgium is that your working hours can be flexible. You can either work for only four hours a day or get a welding job where you have to work for eight hours. You can be a metal fabricator, a welding robotic technician, a structural fabrication welder, a maintenance technician, a production welder, a prototype machinist, a product assembler, and more!

Plus, a lot of companies in Belgium also offer welding jobs for the minority, veteran, disabled, and for women. Yup, there’s equal opportunity in this place! That’s rare if you’re in another country. Most companies are even willing to train you more. Being a welder here is unlike being a welder in another state. If you don’t believe me, then you better find out for yourself.

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