What It’s Like to Travel in Belgium as a Handyman

Being a handyman has no rest. Wherever you go, you might feel like you are on-call for an emergency repairing or urgent building. Don’t get me wrong, Belgium is an excellent place to be inspired as a handyman and DIY lover, but wherever you are in the world, if you love your job as a handyman, you will still feel the spirit of your work.


Seeing an open garage with all the DIY tools except a sawing machine might trigger you as a handyman or carpenter. You might wonder why that garage has all the necessary tools stated in Garage Buildings except a single saw–not even a handsaw. You might notice the broken tiles in the hotel room you’ve been staying at and be frustrated. You might also be tempted to fix a leaky faucet yourself instead of calling the handyman. You know it’s not your house, and you’re on vacation, but the urge to repair stuff is just too much for you to handle. I get it. But what you should realize is this:

Even handymen need to rest.

Just because you know you can fix every broken door, tile, or faucet inside your hotel room doesn’t mean you should. Inform the front desk, and they’ll send someone to fix it if you’re being bothered by it. Who knows? You might even learn a thing or two from that someone who will repair for you! You could learn new tricks or techniques by watching others too, you know. So be open to the idea of observing other handymen do their jobs. You’re not the only one with skills.


The ultimate tip is: When you’re traveling, avoid looking for stuff to fix. Enjoy your time. Spend your vacay with the ones you love, and be actually present at the moment. Don’t think about your tools or the tools that others don’t have in their garage. The significant thing is you have complete tools and you know you can go back to them after your trip. Take the time to meditate if you can. Avoid thinking or using tools unless necessary. This is your chance to be in a new environment, take it with open arms.


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